Rekkenze Brass

In 1978 five soloist players from symphonic orchestra Hof formed themselves into chamber brass band known as Hofer Blechblaserensemble. Their story started with the 7 recordings of LP records, radio and TV performances, international concert activities in more than 20 countries of the world, including USA and Far East. Rekkenze brass band is the cosmopolitan band of musicians from Britain, USA and Switzerland and during its performing in Germany it became very soon recognized band. The name Rekkenze comes from the historical name of the Hof town and very soon it imprinted into memories of all listeners who found their way to chamber brass music.

rekkenze brass

PETER KNUDSVIG (Trumpet) comes from Williston in North Dakota in USA. In 1970 he became Music Bachelor on Concordia College, in 1975 he obtained doctorate on the Catholic University of America. He has experiences from his performing in the USA national ballet orchestra, in Cape Town Symphonic Orchestra in Republic of South Africa and Hof Symphonic orchestra in Bavaria.

GARY RITSON (Trumpet) in 1987 he graduated from The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and further he continued thanks to scholarship on Hochschule Fuer Musik (High school for Music) in Frankfurt, where he was, in 1992, chosen from more than 5O candidates for the chamber Rekkenze brass band.

rekkenze brass

DEBRA LUTTRELL (French horn) she began her carrier on the Boston University with professor David Ohanian, French horn player of The Canadian Brass band. After some years of performance in the area of Boston she has become in 1991 member of Rekkenze brass band.

RENÉ JAMPEN (Trombone) comes from Switzerland town Neuchatelu. After studies on conservatoire in Biel and on Academy in Zurich he became, as 24 years old, the first trombonist in Hof Symphonic Orchestra where he has performed since 1970.

rekkenze brass

CHRIS CRANHAM (Tube) was born in 1969 in Britain. When he was 18 he graduated The Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. With the orchestra The Jeunesses Musicales World Orchestra he travelled through the South America, Canada and the whole Europe. Since 1990 he has firmly settled in Rekkenze brass band.